The King of Pegs!
Master Ceramist, Inc. has been providing innovative products for the Dental Ceramist Technician since 1988. We offer an extensive line of Firing Pegs, Ceramic Crown Support Systems, Modeling Liquids, Stain and Glaze, and Opaque Mediums. Please use the navigation bar on the left to explore our products catalogue.

You may order our products directly from us or by contacting your favorite Dental Laboratory Supplier.

To order directly from Master Ceramist Inc. please CALL or FAX toll-free 1-800-737-7347 (INTERNATIONAL PHONE/FAX 1-973-273-2174)

Contact us directly and for technical support. 

If you are a Dental Lab Dealer and would like information on our Dealer Pricing & Terms, please contact us. Go to the Product List page for a complete list of Master Ceramist Products and Item ID Numbers.

We sincerely appreciate your loyal support and patronage.  Please contact me if you have any questions, comments, or suggestions. Thank you!

Richard Tobey, B.A., CDT 

PHONE OR FAX: 800-737-PEGS (800-737-7347)

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TOLL-FREE PHONE or FAX 1-800-737-7347 ~ INTERNATIONAL PHONE or FAX +973-273-2174