M-TIPS (Metal-Tipped Interlocking Pegs)

Metal-Tipped Interlocking Pegs (M-TIP)…  feature a thin, space-age alloy rod fused to a stable, interlocking “Z” shaped ceramic base, are highly recommended for Press-able Ceramics, support the smallest, slimmest restorations such as lower anterior or implant crowns, and may be placed extremely close together.

Suggested Retail Price... $36.83/set of 6 M-TIP Pegs
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"STABLE-VEST" Custom Support Putty

Master Ceramist Inc's. new “STABLE-VEST” Custom Support Material is an instant refractory putty that may be used alone or in combination with Master Ceramist Firing Pegs to securely support PFM, CAD-CAM, ALL-CERAMIC, VENEERS, & PRESSABLE CERAMIC RESTORATIONS.

Stable-Vest putty comes in a 10 CC Syringe for easy application and may also be used to heal cracked PVC's, broken pressables, veneers, etc. For extra-stable support of all types of restorations simply apply a small amount inside the unit and place on a Master Ceramist firing peg. Ideal for staining and re-glazing all-ceramic pressables and veneers to maintain marginal proportional integrity. Temperature stable to 2300 degrees and cleans up easily.

Single 10 cc Syringe...MSRP $9.91/each,
6-PACK of 10 cc Syringes...MSRP $54.91/pack of six syringes

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